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Scan a QR code

This feature is currently in development. Khatians which contain a QR code can be scanned to find the transaction details.

QR code scanning can be demonstrated in the mobile app.

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If you have any questions regarding the platform get in touch with us and we will help as best as we can


About This Platform

This is the official website of Digiland Chain, the blockchain based land registration platform for Bangladesh in cooperation with the National Government, in particular a2i under the Ministry of ICT.

The Digiland Chain proves the existence and integrity of land titles, allowing you to demonstrate your land title authenticity. As visualized in the demonstration video below, each data entry can be audited by any external party by reconstructing the decentrally stored land title data on the public Ethereum blockchain.

An authentic land title proves ownership of your property. It is the strongest supporting document to claim rightful property ownership and thereby serves as the ultimate source of truth in any land disputes.

For details on the underlying blockchain technology used as well as the what happens behind the scenes, please click here (1).